Is sustainability still a blind spot in your retail portfolio?

Infine transforms your product data into sustainability insights through deep tech, automation, AI, and industrial-size scalability. Great business begins with superior data and smart integration. Don’t let your success be held back by a lack of visibility.

Sustainability as a Service

Infine restores the power to evaluate the sustainability of a company’s product portfolio from a third party to its rightful owners by giving the visibility on their product portfolio today - and then everyday.

Sustainability is complicated. You should know the impact of your product on GHG emissions, processing, water usage, soil health, labor risks, biodiversity, land use, animal welfare and many more aspects. Also product sustainability will be the future of ESG reviews as soon as scope 3 impact can be trustworthy and in scale evaluate. We will make sustainability understandable for all stakeholders.

Through deep tech, automation, AI, and industrial-size scalability, Infine transforms your product data into valuable, easy-to-comprehend sustainability insights that can then be applied to avoid risks, adapt to threats, spot opportunities, and lead growth.

Don’t let your business success be held back by a lack of visibility

Is your product in Synkka database?

Order a product sustainability report from us to see what the sustainability of your product looks like from your retailer's perspective!

Sustainability analysis

450,00  + VAT 24% per procuct
  • Includes:
  • A comprehensive sustainability analysis report on the sustainability features of the product/service
  • From our Sustainability evaluation, you will be informed of the product's strengths and risks, as well as an understanding of which information relevant to the product's responsibility is incomplete or completely missing
  • Bring clarity to decision-making in marketing, production, category management and business development
  • Our sustainability specialists create the report based on existing product information and Infine's sustainability data model
We can evaluate even a large number of products quickly. We only need the product information in a structured format.Get in touch, we'll be happy to help you evaluate the entire category!

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We believe that companies will have the leading role in promoting sustainable values and practices in society, however, this sustainability must be rooted in genuinely effective actions.

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