The real price of cheap-Campaign

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Customer: Finlayson
Year: 2019

With their awareness raising campaign Finlayson wanted to prove how easy it is for home textile manufacturers to operate irresponsibly and unsustainably. The company commissioned a limited batch of the cheapest possible duvet covers - sheets that were most likely produced using child labor, forced labor and harmful chemicals. Simultaneously, a batch of sheets made of Fairtrade cotton was also produced, and both duvet covers were put up for sale side by side during the campaign.

To support the manufacturing story of the cheap but unsustainably produced duvet covers, buyers were shown a video produced by Vallilan Vaara in cooperation with Infine, shedding light on the real price of cheap textiles. Consumers were thus encouraged in a concrete way to buy more sustainably produced textiles, as well as demand information on product sustainability.

“We are constantly sleeping in sheets that are cheap, but possibly produced using child labor. The consumer does not see what the indifference in purchasing decisions means to those involved in the manufacturing of the product. We wanted to make this visible”, describes the CEO of Finlayson, Jukka Kurttila.

The campaign sparked widespread debate and highlighted the sustainability issues related to the production value chain. Through an extreme example, the campaign message also summarized the central idea of consumer responsibility behind Infine's operations: everyone always has the power to make sustainable choices.


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