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Infine is Finland's first sustainability design agency. We help companies create profitable sustainability and use it as a competitive advantage. We have built a work community whose members are united by an entrepreneurial attitude, extensive networks, and a strong need to do meaningful work. From this group of multidisciplinary specialists, we always conjure the best possible team for your customer project. 

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In addition to the people involved in day-to-day work, at the heart of Infine's operations lies the independent Sustainability Panel of experts in sustainable production and consumption, in charge of curating the range of products and services found on the -website. The Sustainability Panel > >


CEO, Founder
+358 40 509 5909


Chief Marketing Officer 
+358 40 551 2543


Sustainability Designer
+358 40 532 4432



+358 40 560 4023


Community Manager 
+358 40 839 5205


Sustainability Designer
+358 45 1160 413


Web Designer 
+358 50 361 1857  


Art Director
+358 40 728 6775


Key Account Manager
+358 407 382 359

Kati Lindgren

Key Account Manager
+358 44 9827371


IT Manager
+358 400 794 175


Growth Hacker, Insight Manager 
+358 50 461 8644


COO, interim CTO
+358 40 568 5225

Laura hakanen

Business Designer 

The board


Pasi Joronen is an angel investor, an adviser for startup companies and the founder of the investment and activation company Polkuni Oy. In addition to Infine, Pasi's portfolio also includes companies in the fields of education and music. His core competencies include business strategy and team building, training technology, and pedagogy. Pasi serves as the Chairman of Infine's Board and brings with him his experience in the field of effective business development.


Mikko Syrjänen (D.Sc. Econ. & Bus. Adm., M.Sc.Tech.) is a strategy and business development professional and an approved member of the Board. He is currently working in business development at Gasum. Mikko has solid experience in strategy management, business strategy and market intelligence. He has worked on various strategy processes, business plans, change management, starting new businesses and acquisitions. In addition, Mikko is an experienced facilitator. Mikko's role on the Board is to coordinate Infine's strategy work and develop the Board's way of operating.


Teppo Nieminen (M.Sc. Econ., Helsinki School of Economics) has a long career as a consultant in the areas of strategy work, strategic foresight, as well as business and organizational development. His customers range from large companies, to startups, organizations and the public sector. Teppo is an experienced project manager, whose most important role on the Board is to support Infine's strategy and business development.



Miemo Penttinen is a service designer, interaction designer and photographer who has worked in various roles for 15 years - from a leading designer to a product manager - in numerous offices and startups, and as a freelancer. Miemo's exceptionally multifaceted skillset includes complex strategic thinking and excellent technical expertise, among others.

arto o.

Arto O. Salonen is an expert in the transition to a sustainable lifestyle, an assistant professor at the University of Eastern Finland, a docent and a member of Finland's Expert Panel for Sustainable Development. Salonen studies the inevitable change of a post-industrial, artificially intelligent society and the importance of a good life, and has pursued a career in future-oriented change thinking. Salonen bases his work on two things he describes as inalienable: the irresistible nurturing of the conditions of life and the dignity common to us all.

Minna halme

Minna Halme (D.Sc. Econ. & Bus. Adm. , Professor) is a Professor of Leadership studies at Aalto University School of Economics and Head of the Aalto Sustainability Hub. She has worked in impact business since 1990 in Finland, International Institute for Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden and at Georgetown University in the United States. Her research interests include responsible business, business innovation that promotes ecological and social sustainability, and the social impact of corporate responsibility.

petri helenius

Petri Helenius is a software architecture and business model innovation expert. For more than three decades, he has worked in a variety of positions, including software engineering, cloud services, and information security. He has comprehensive technical and business skills, as well as an excellent ability to achieve goals. Petri supports Infine's team with ICT activities and decision-making, among other things.

Tuulia Syvänen

Tuulia Syvänen is an activist involved in NGO operations and a Radical Honesty trainer. Tuulia, has been involved in environmental and development organizations since the age of 17, worked in management positions for 10 years at Fairtrade Finland, and five years in the foundation's international umbrella organization. She has also gained experience in corporate social responsibility reporting in management positions in the Global Reporting Initiative in the Netherlands and has led the operations of several Finnish environmental organizations.

tiina zilliacus

Tiina Zilliacus is an entrepreneur, investor and business angel with a passion for agile development of new digital products and business concepts. Her extensive experience in working with different digital business models brings valuable insight on conducting business sustainably.

Markus Myhrberg

Markus Myhrberg (LL.M) is a partner at Lexia Attorneys in charge of IPR, technology and data services. He assists in particular with assignments related to intellectual property, technology, data protection, marketing, licensing, international agreements, shareholder agreements and financial rounds. Markus also serves as an advisor and on the board of several growth and startup companies. In addition to his strategic expertise, Markus brings with him extensive experience in startup ecosystems as well as the commercialization of concepts.

Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm is an entrepreneur, advisor and investor who is passionate about design thinking. Thomas helps companies develop more sustainable business models in a world driven by exponential technological advances. Preceding this, Thomas has been a founding partner in the service design agency Kaufmann Agency and Noona Healthcare, which develops health technology. He is currently a founding partner in Leapfrog Projects, which specializes in global sustainability challenges.

Timo Kaisla

Timo Kaisla (M.Sc., MBA) possesses more than 20 years of experience ranging from working with small growth companies to large listed ones. He has led and consulted organizations in several European countries, Asia and the United States. Industry-independent growth and business development lies at the heart of Timo's expertise- especially in situations where digitalization has or is about to become a major success factor.

Johanna Heikkilä

Johanna Heikkilä (M.Sc. (Econ.), Information Management and Leadership, LUT University) is an IT and management professional with years of experience in planning and implementing business strategies, as well as developing organizational operations. Johanna is an approved board member and a certified solution-oriented business coach. She also possesses wholesome hands-on experience on how to face complex business challenges and how to turn them into a workable and accomplishable plan.


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