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Year: 2021

Ostavastuullisesti.fi is a service focusing on sustainable consumption, offering consumers the help and support needed in making more sustainable choices, launched by Infine on the 23rd of November 2020. The website offers a curated range of products and services aiding the consumer in making more sustainable purchases. The objective of the website is to connect people wanting to lead a more sustainable life with companies offering responsibly produced products and services.

We’re all aware that our current consumption culture is unsustainable and damaging to the planet. At the core of the website’s existence lies the understanding that consumption as such won’t end, however, from a consumer’s perspective, making sustainable choices is still difficult. Ostavastuullisesti.fi solves the issue with a positive approach: providing information and a product range the consumer can easily choose from. The need for a trustworthy and clear service is prominent – according to Sitra’s Resource-wise citizen research (2019,) 78% of consumers consider leading a sustainable lifestyle important.

Means for a sustainable lifestyle chosen by experts

Given that sustainability can be a rather complex feature, defining sustainable products and services is problematic. For consumers, wading through all the greenwash and comparing the different challenges related to sustainability can be exhausting. Marketing cannot be blindly trusted – the value chain of a product advertised as sustainable may contain links that can’t stand the light of day. In order to answer these questions and make purchase decisions easy, all the products admitted to the website are accepted by an Independent Sustainability Panel of leading experts ..

The Sustainability Panel is comprised of five leading Finnish sustainability experts: professor Minna Halme (Aalto University), professor Jyri Seppälä (The Finnish Environment Institute, The National Climate Change Panel), doctoral candidate Antti Majava (BIOS Research Unit), education counselor Anne Liimatainen (The Finnish National Agency for Education) as well as Markus Terho (Sitra), responsible for the Sustainable Everyday Life project. The product and service range of the website is curated by the Independent Sustainability Panel. As a result of the curation process, consumers visiting the Ostavastuullisesti.fi website don't have to be sustainability experts themselves, instead they can trust that the selection displayed on the website make a real impact.

A community of responsible consumers

One of the main missions of the website is making a broader societal impact, this is why Ostavastuullisesti.fi has launched a pledge campaign supporting sustainable consumption: a campaign encouraging sustainable consumption.The idea behind the campaign is to collect pledges from consumers on making responsible purchases whenever possible. The target of the campaign is to collect 192 500 pledges from consumers, representing 3,5% of Finland’s population. According to research, this amount would suffice to induce permanent change. The aim is to create a market for responsible consumption, make an impact on the everyday life of consumers by making responsible choices easy, as well as influence the functioning principles and values of companies and societal operators. When we buy responsibly, the supply of responsible products and services increases.

Companies and partners

Ostavastuullisesti.fi, with the help of the Sustainability Panel, aims to curate the best services and products on the market at hand, so consumers can easily find the most sustainable solutions for all their needs. Companies can apply for curation with a single product, a whole product range, or with different services or solutions. By being a part of Ostavastuullisesti.fi’s sustainable selection, companies gain visibility and reliability on an independent platform consumers can trust. In addition to the product placement on the website, companies that have passed the curation are offered the possibility for sustainability related content cooperation.
Companies involved >

The website already hosts over 200 sustainable products and services, our operations being supported by influential partners including Sitra, UN Global Compact, The Finland Chamber of Commerce, Finix, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College, and Finnish Textile&Fashion. In cooperation with JCDecaux, Ostavastuullisesti.fi reaches consumers outside the online environment with a nationwide outdoor advertising campaign. With social media campaigns and sponsored cooperation, Ostavastuullisesti.fi spreads awareness about the responsible product and service range, as well as the companies involved, to the audience outside the reach of the website’s channels.

The website has established a solid consumer base over a short time and has proven to be a service much needed – one that makes a complex topic more understandable and accessible for its target group. The feedback received from consumers highlights the need for support in making more sustainable choices. When the attractive and sustainable solutions for consumers’ everyday needs are easy to find, consumption evolves towards more sustainable products and services, thereby, the overall market for sustainable products and services grows.


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