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We offer a holistic and lasting vision of bringing sustainability to sales and marketing, proven to increase the sales of sustainable products.

We help our customers identify from a sustainability perspective the current target groups, phenomena, and challenges.

We bring customer understanding and insight to the market situation where people's consumption decisions are increasingly driven by concerns about the climate.

We approach consumers' worries with positive solutions supported by research, which produce sustainable well-being and a positive mindset instead of defense reactions.

Evaluation of the current state

Sustainability assessment is an agile tool that gives you an idea of the current sustainability state of your product or service. The results help you identify unused competitive advantages, avoid greenwashing and communicate sustainability responsibly. You can use the results directly in your company's marketing!

Sustainability design

Sustainability design is a development process that examines your company’s product’s essential responsibility and sustainability characteristics compared to its marketing claims and the identified needs and preferences of your company’s target group. Through sustainability design, we help you find sales- and customer-oriented ways to positively impact your company's social and environmental responsibility as well as tackle climate change.

customer understanding

Infine Insight is a research unit specialized in sustainability, providing insight and customized research services as part of the sustainability design process.

Supported by our extensive target group understanding focusing on sustainability and sustainable consumption, we want to help companies better meet the needs and wishes of their customers and stakeholders.


Ostavastuullisesti.fi is a sustainable purchase website for consumers providing information, help, and tips for making sustainable choices. The goal is to curate the best products on the current market into more sustainable choices, making the discovery of sustainable solutions and finding ways to live a more sustainable life easy for consumers. Ostavastuullisesti.fi presents only products and services that have passed the curation of the Sustainability Panel.

Find out if your product or service is a more sustainable choice

Based on the application, the Sustainability Panel assesses the sustainability of the product/service and whether it is a more sustainable choice compared to other products on the market serving the same customer need. The website also offers a variety of visibility and experience services, ranging from collaborative sustainable life articles to podcasts and other media content. 

Sustainable Life by Infine -podcast


The Sustainable Life podcast, aiming to be the most listened to in its genre, delves into how everyone could easily live a more sustainable life. The podcast hosted by futurist, inventor, and author Perttu Pölönen , featuring a range of experts, offers easy and innovative solutions and tips for everyday life.

The Sustainable Life podcast is also produced as educational materialfor college students, created in collaboration with editorial board members from The Finnish National Agency for Education, Sitra, The UN Association of Finland, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College as well as representatives from The Martha Organization .

The Sustainability Club

Webinar series

The Sustainability Club is a webinar series for business decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and experts, focusing on current sustainability topics and compelling case studies.

The webinar series are free of charge for our partners and companies with products/services on the ostavastuullisesti.fi website.

Osta vastuullisesti 2022

The sustainable lifestyle event

Finland's first-ever Sustainable Lifestyle event will take place on the 26th and 27th of March 2022 in The Cable Factory's Merikaapelihalli in Helsinki.

We invite you to create this event together with us and prove that a sustainable lifestyle can be full of joy, new insights, and enjoyment! You may participate with products and services curated by our Sustainability Panel.

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