The Fairtrade ecosystem - campaign concept and strategy

Customer: Fairtrade Finland
Year: 2019

Fairtrade Finland and its partners comprise the country’s largest sustainable business consortium. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the organization wanted to increase the sales of Fairtrade certified products, make the Fairtrade impact visible and bring its partner network - the Fairtrade ecosystem * - closer and more actively together. Based on these goals, Infine designed a concept and strategy around which new media and events were built and the operating models of the network were developed. In addition, target groups for the anniversary year's activities were defined in cooperation with Voito media agency.

As a collective concept we created in collaboration with Fairtrade Finland's ecosystem operators, the “Circulation of Good” as a unifying concept to depict the global, systemic challenge that Fairtrade seeks to solve. Central to the concept was shedding light on the operational objectives and tangible, sustainable impacts on both the farming and producer communities, as well as on all of us. The communication built around the “Circulation of Good” illustrated how consumption habits can lay the foundations for planet-wide well-being, minimize the effects of the climate crisis and promote equality.

“Stop thinking for a moment about that eternal coffee, slightly more expensive banana and numbers below the line. Instead, consider whether you could contribute to the creation of global prosperity. ”

In addition to the partner network, consumers were also challenged to think about value chains with the Fairtrade manifest, which was distributed to cities and municipalities with the help of a poster challenge. The manifest served as a reminder that everyone has the right to a dignified life and invited Finns to contribute to creating common well-being by making responsible choices.

* The Fairtrade ecosystem includes a total of around 7 million people through committed operators when adding up the number of people in cities, municipalities, parishes, schools, jobs and member organizations.