The Fairtrade Fair

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Customers Altia, Astra Wines, Ben & Jerry’s, Kesko, Kespro, Lidl Finland, Paulig, Pelican Rouge, Pernod Ricard Finland, Fairtrade Finland, as well as 62 exhibitors.
Year: 2019

The Fairtrade Fair was a professional event where one could get acquainted with various Fairtrade certified products, as well as network and liaise with others interested in sustainable purchasing and the Fairtrade product selection. The aim of this fair organized in Nosturi was to increase the supply of Fairtrade products in grocery stores, as well as in the public and hospitality sectors. The event also intended to raise awareness of the wide range of Fairtrade products.

The concept of the Fair was to build a relaxed and cozy event rich with experiences, enabling participation suiting the various needs of visitors. In addition to the exhibitors, the fair also hosted short panel discussions on sustainability as part of the customer- and employee experience, as well as companies' competitive advantage. The programme culminated in Fairtrade Finland's parliamentary electoral panel on corporate responsibility, climate change and human rights.

60 exhibitors and 300 guests attended the fair. In line with our objectives, there were participants from all key stakeholder groups, so the Fairtrade Ecosystem was widely represented among visitors. A survey conducted among guests revealed the majority of them attending the event driven by motives of purchasing Fairtrade products for their organizations. The second main reason cited in the survey was the interest in sustainability and Fairtrade as an entity.

Infine designed the fair concept and was responsible for the entire event production. We also provided turnkey department and kitchen solutions for a number of exhibitors.


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