Infine's successful round of funding confirmed the development of the software service

Infine's recently closed successful funding round ensures the rapid development of our AI-based sustainability assessment for consumer products. For suppliers of grocery, food and textile products, this means the opportunity to significantly improve their sustainability and competitiveness.

AI to assess the overall sustainability of products will be developed because product-level responsibility has a greater impact on the global sustainability crisis than any other aspect of corporate sustainability. However, few companies have comprehensive sustainability data on their products because of the complexity of defining what is sustainable. 

The software service to will allow analyses to be produced hundreds of times faster than before. As well as speed, this will make sustainability information available to management at a much lower cost than before.  

"The new software service will be integrated into the management of the company. With the data it provides, management can effectively develop the sustainability attributes of their products, such as the impact on climate change, environmental footprint, human rights or the degree of domesticity", Infine's CEO Tiina Saukko highlights.

Finland possesses strong sustainability and technology expertise: the software service will model the decision-making process of leading Finnish sustainability experts. At the same time, the software takes advantage of the latest research results in the field. 

The software service under development will help companies with product development, sustainability reporting, marketing and sales. The service will operate on a continuous improvement model, providing not only data but also practical recommendations for the future.

The successful funding round brings strong growth business expertise

Infine raised €566 000 in its latest funding round. The main backers are heavyweight international angel investors, sustainability specialists and Business Finland, a provider of innovation and internationalisation funding.

"We are pleased with the funding round as we have found the right investors for Infine. In addition to the funding, we have access to top talent for product development, sustainability marketing and growth company development. The new owners Taneli Tikka and sustainability business expert Olli-Pekka Pohjanmäki, join the board as long-term growth company shareholders", comments Infine's board chairman Pasi Joronen

Taneli Tikka, a new member of Infine's board and a growth and serial entrepreneur, continues, "Combining SaaS with a sustainable development framework is very interesting, and our goal is to move to a scalable business already next year. We are currently looking for pioneering companies to co-develop our software service, which will be based on the product sustainability data model that will be tested in Finland's Most Sustainable Product -competition."